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It used to be quite painful to change your salary money to the bank of your choice. But on July 2018, the law changed: now you can move your money to the bank account of your choice with just a few clicks. And for millennials, no bank is better than next, the first digital banking experience developed specially for them with lots of benefits that change their life, really.

The arguments are here inserted into this comic book aesthetics, turning all that money talk into something fun and light that people can share through their social networks.

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Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 11.45.48
Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 11.48.27

And, as next bank is part of Bradesco, one of the major player in Brazil, one who is also facing hundreds of client calling every day to move their account to other digital banks, we decided to bring the managers of Bradesco on our side: it should be better to lose a client for next than for a rival bank.

A whole package, including comparatives tables, scripted speeches, personalized emails, animated cards to be shared through Whatsapp and even fun audios in the voice of the official persona of the brand,  was created for those guys so they could understand what next is, explain it to their clients and keep them under Bradesco's umbrella.

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